Too Much Agreement In An Organization Can Be As Harmful As Too Much Conflict

It is likely that investments of time and energy will be made at the beginning to prepare individuals and teams to identify different types of conflicts in the workplace and to properly address them. However, conflicts that are well managed free people from focusing on their work rather than focusing on tensions in the office, which improves productivity, efficiency, and efficiency. Mediation. A mediator is a neutral third party who helps the parties to the conflict find innovative solutions to their dispute. Mediators can be internal collaborators trained in conflict management and mediation, or can be trained external professionals who do not have a perceived conflict of interest with the employer. The resolution of a dispute through mediation should be voluntary. Employees should understand how to resolve conflicts in the workplace. An organization typically communicates its expectations through a personnel manual, HR guidelines, and written contracts and agreements with high-level individuals. The most important challenge is to create a space for conflict so that conflicts can occur constructively, people can address difficult and controversial issues, and leaders often face unpleasant disagreements.

Otherwise, problems, important points of view are overwritten, and effective communication is inhibited. Organizations that avoid conflict avoid change. There is no point in avoiding change and can even lead to the downfall of successful organizations. Companies that encourage employees to tackle conflict in a positive and productive way can overcome the stagnation that opens doors for their competitors and challenges the ability to continue to offer customers new and innovative solutions to meet their needs. In one organization in which I participated, some members of a critical group of stakeholders felt deprived of their rights by a decision by the organization, which they argued did not take into account the interests of that group. While it initially denied its concerns and exacerbated the conflict, the organization was able to turn around expressing its willingness to participate in an open dialogue on the issues. Three well-animated circle processes took place and were very busy. Participants indicated that they felt that their concerns were being heard and respected.

The organization has benefited from a healthy dialogue and relations have been strengthened. “It`s like a crazy song you can`t get out of your head,” says Dan Bjerknes, director of HR operations at Catholic Health Initiatives/Mercy Medical Center in Williston, N.D., who earned a master`s degree in consulting and previously worked as a conflict management consultant. In most cases, the first steps in managing conflicts in the workplace belong to employees who disagree. .