Dell Business Associate Agreement

8.1 You agree that trademarks, service marks, commercial or commercial names, product and service identities, Internet addresses, logos, artworks and other symbols and devices related to Dell Inc, Dell Affiliates or products or services (the “Dell brands”) remain the property of Dell Inc. Without Prior written permission from Dell Inc., you cannot register or use domain names, business names, email addresses, social media media or other identity or origin names that contain Dell Marks or are of confused similarity, and you must assign these names at the request of Dell Inc. dell Inc. You will not include Dell Marks in your product names, service names or similar names. You will not use Dell trademarks in search engine advertising, as a keyword, or in advertisements that appear in search engines, without Dell`s prior written permission, but such a usage restriction does not apply if current legislation prohibits it. In particular, a keyword tender is permitted without Dell`s prior written authorization in the European Economic Area (EEA), Switzerland, San Marino, Vatican State, Australia and Japan; However, if you ask Dell Technologies to fund keyword auction activities, Dell Technologies may require additional conditions related to this financing. Their use of Dell Marks is exclusively for Dell Inc. You acknowledge that the images and graphics made available to you by Dell Technologies, products or services are copyrighted or licensed by Dell Inc. or a Dell affiliate, and you will not change those images or graphics or use those images or graphics outside the context in which they were made available to you. Since the rule change, IT providers who provide the infrastructure used for ePHI are also considered employees, even if their employees do not read, store or process them. This may include companies that offer: 4.5 compliance.

You agree that you have appropriate controls and systems and that you are fully responsible for the transactions of all third parties who assist you, who benefit from them or who receive goods or services from you or that are provided to you, and that you are responsible for the transaction verification and the guarantee that they receive them or receive them from you. For any agreement you enter into or maintain directly or indirectly with third parties for the resale or sale of products or services to an end-user, you must include in a written agreement with that third party conditions as complete as the terms of compliance and ask that third party to recognize and accept that Dell Technologies is a third party benefiting from the agreement and that Dell Technologies may apply the terms of compliance compliance directly against these third parties or through you.